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About Thriving Work Life Design

Thriving Work Life Design was founded to help mid-career professionals answer the compelling question “How can I create work that frees my soul, feeds my mind, and fills my wallet!℠”

You’re likely asking “how can I get out of this stale work, but be sure I won’t regret leaving a job that looks so great “on the outside?”   How do I make the choice to move up or move out?  How do I know what’s really right for me?

Having researched, advised clients, and lived this reality,  I know how to help you to overcome these challenges and find work that fits who you are now, work that brings contentment, fulfillment and prosperity on your own terms.

Thriving Work Life Design was created to provide the well researched and proven tools to overcome the external confusion and inner demons of changing your work to something more fulfilling.

I invite you to take advantage of our free resources, and to set a no-risk strategy call with me, using the link to your right.

Joy and Prosperity at Work

A Jump-Start Strategy Call can help you gain clarity on your next best step to more mid-career success and satisfaction. It’s a risk-free investment in your own future growth.

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How to Speak Out

The world needs strong women’s voices on the problems of workplace fairness, inclusion and respect.  Many talented women are grappling with the desire to help, but without a clear path to implement.  Our monthly zoom call provides a forum for discussion on how our unique skills can provide important contributions to Fairness at Work, now and for the next generation.

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Trade Up!

If it’s time for you to play bigger, to make an even larger impact on the planet through your life’s work, it’s time to start from the inside out, and predict what you will need to carry with you, as well as what habits of mind you need to jettison. Executive coaching can help speed you through this planning and redefinition process with more focus and support.


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Thrive Your Work!

If you find yourself treading the same ground, using the same skills, and in general succeeding on the outside while growing stale on the inside, it’s a good indication you’re ready to rethink what kind of work setting is ideal for you.  Using your strengths, talents and passions to either change jobs or become an entrepreneur means you have to create a strong plan, one tailored to you.

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Get Powerful Choices

This book can take you from confused to confident, and from what you “can do in your sleep” to what you really love. Find meaning, prosperity and growth in your next phase of work!  Click below for a complimentary sample chapter – Mastering the Career Crossroads.

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Coaching Services

Coaching is a tailored approach that accelerates goal accomplishment, when the goal is bigger or otherwise outside of a person’s comfort zone.  It is more effective and efficient than training or other methods of “hit or miss” development.  It is tailored to you, your style and preferred way of learning, and matches where you are now in a detailed way.

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Consulting Services

I focus on Best Places to Work consulting, with the motto that Even Best Places to Work Can be Better.  I help medium sized companies set up integrated people systems to attract and retain talent through engagement and enablement.  Recognition, flex/life schedules, investment in development, managers who coach and mentor, and inclusive practices are expected in Best Places to Work.

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What People Say About Us

It has been my dream to be a full-time writer and a dabbler in painting. Phyllis helped me take my dream and build a plan to make it a reality. She coached me on overcoming my hesitations, we drafted a solid plan of how this would be financially possible as well as setting high goals with attainable milestones. She helped changes I needed to make. I now see myself in the dream itself. I am writing each day. Working on the plan we made. The difference within me had been amazing. I feel positive and confident in my choices and the ability to realize them. If you are looking at changing your life, more than just dreaming your dream. Follow Phyllis and make your dream a e reality.not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting., remaining essentially unchanged.

Eve Schell

Phyllis is an exceptional coach, and I’ve worked with her during several major pivot points of my career – starting a business and leaving corporate life, when moving to another state and deciding what kind of work to do there, not taking the first position offered right away, and in negotiating work situations that truly fit my needs and talents.

Phyllis is a terrific listener who hears not only what I say, but also things I feel but don’t say. She helps me hone in on which fears I am experiencing, and helps me vaporize the ones that aren’t real. This helps me get clarity and a fuller picture of what’s underneath the situation I want to resolve, and get to action faster because I know I am completely seeing my options and challenges. She stays present and non-judgmental as I decide about how to reach my goal, and she helps my perspective on the pros and cons of each option so that I can move forward. I quickly feel that I can be completely honest without feeling vulnerable – in fact I feel stronger because of her coaching style, which is a blend of accepting, reflecting, and sharing perspectives I may be overlooking.

This has helped me make great professional decisions, which have been successful for me, my clients and my family. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Alison Z

When a recent opportunity came my way to make a career change, it was the first in several years. It was also the first time I sought out and worked with a career coach…because I was lucky enough to find Phyllis Horner.

She helped me to manage the emotional chaos change can bring, and to decide how I would choose where to add my talents to have bigger impact in our community. We also discussed the practical aspects: salary, benefits and negotiating for what was important to me.

Phyllis has had enough life and professional experience to truly understand her clients and this makes working with her productive and meaningful. My current career fits my professional standing, my personal values and my sense of joy through work. I heartily recommend Phyllis to any professional woman contemplating a substantial career change.

Beth Ann Kozlovich