About Phyllis

Phyllis is a professional coach and workplace psychologist who supports executives and professionals to increase their leadership impact and find new meaning through work.

She’s dedicated herself to helping leaders evaluate their strengths and make changes that benefit their own lives and those of the larger community.

Phyllis is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and works at the national and international level. Moving to Hawaii was a lifestyle choice, as we wanted to raise her family in a place where all kinds of people are honored and accepted. She left a fast track job at Ford Motor Company as well as her social network to start over, and never regretted the decision.

She has set out to make a difference, as a champion for workplace fairness in selection, advancement, inclusion and pay. She co-developed a statewide award for business practices, from strategy to customer service to process excellence and values based workplaces. She was also a Commissioner for the Hawaii State Judicial Selection Commission for 3 years, serving as a
non-lawyer dedicated to fair selection practices. She has served as an executive coach for Directors, CEOs and Presidents, and has guided them to create workplaces where success is available to all, no matter what their personality differences or functional titles or levels maybe.

Her training as an organizational psychologist provided her with the research and study to support her life purpose of inspiring prosperity and values based work lives. But her deepest strength comes from years of witnessing and standing up against inequality, both at work and in personal relationships. She knows, personally, how unfair treatment feels and how long it lasts, how it affects a person’s career and self-confidence for years or even for decades. And she is a dedicated, vigorous voice to end that era of workplace reality.

So, in her coaching of mid-career women and executives, she encourages them to honor their own strengths, their desires for different work that matches who they really are now, and to get out of situations where they are living someone else’s definition of their success. She’s written a book, “Powerful Choices for Mid-Career Women”, available on Amazon, and she is an active consultant to businesses who consider themselves “Best Places to Work”.

She’s founded Career Excelerator LLC, to provide easy-access, proven methods to help women increase their personal power and success in changing their work. With the new world of work fast approaching, and with the number of people finding themselves ready for a bigger game, Phyllis believes that the best time for planning the future is “as soon as possible, or right after the desire enters your consciousness”.