Speak Out

SpeakOUT Executive Coaching is for women leaders who want or need to influence others in a bigger way, either in a current role, for advancement to more senior roles, or for a wider audience. This powerful executive coaching focuses on increasing executivel presence, bandwidth, willingness to be more visible, and finding one’s message in a sustainable, credible and impactful way. 10x your influence! Contact me for a risk-free introductory call. (add button “I’m Interested” which links to an online calendar HTML)

THrive your Work!

For leaders and professionals who have lost that “thriving feeling” in their current work, this coaching helps redefine success and think through best options. Looking for better work feels different after 20 years or more of professional success. In our 20’s we are paying our dues and achieving mastery and a sense of accomplishment. Vitality comes from new experiences and risk feels like staying too long in one place. In our 30’s, many of us have multiple roles in life and work becomes part of the tapestry of life. A bit more predictability is welcome, though increased responsibility is still easy to achieve. And jobs, either for a company or for oneself, have a normal arc of satisfaction over time. Finding new work at mid-career can be really exhilarating, but assessing what’s important to us now, and risk mitigation, is a bit different. Thrive Your Work coaching provides a tailored roadmap to confidence and fulfillment in your next work. Because each client is different, there is a base program that we refine for your needs.

Regain Your Power Hour

Your Power Hour is a one-hour intensive deep dive on an issue regarding work that is on your mind daily and hasn’t been solved as yet. It could be a new boss, a decision to leave, a problem with your team, a bad review, or the desire to communicate about a delicate topic. At the end of the hour, you will feel more centered and in control, with one or two actions you can implement immediately.