Executive and Business Consulting

Engagement and Productivity

Organizations need resilient and talented employees to grow and succeed, employees who stay long enough to become more responsible and who are committed to go the extra mile.  In return, organizational leaders need to find effective ways to make the workforce agile enough that there are opportunities for growth.  It’s well proven that a slip in an employee’s engagement – or that sense of personal commitment to the organization, means big trouble for productivity levels, which will definitely slip.  My consulting focuses on proven methods to get and retain engagement through taking a coaching approach to performance.

 Gender Equity

Best Places to Work today do more than send out policy letters about sexual harassment prevention.  Even Best Places to Work can be Better – and my consulting shows how to ensure that all aspects of the work environment are fair to women and men alike.  Included are checklists for how meetings are run, pulse surveys conducted by third parties, and other methods.

I’ve cofounded the Equity Hui, a grou dedicated to eliminating gender bias in all workplaces, and founded on the principle that “small actions have big impact”.  We provide materials, courses and methods for employees and leader empowerment to know what to do, how to do it, why and when.  Our inspiration is the Hawaiian term Kina’ole, which means the highest level of excellence.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

Attracting top talent is a tougher challenge than it used to be.  Here are a few things that Top talent expects –to be respected from day 1, to be involved in decisions that affect them, to have access to training and transparency about what it takes to get ahead.  And they also expect decent facilities including daylighting, ventilation and flex schedules, wellness programs, core values that their managers demonstrate, and to have a say in the culture. I offer a diagnostic tool for you to assess you own progress and weaknesses, and a road map for how to know what to invest in next.

Your business coach should have had business experience. Phyllis has created and implemented programs to ensure employee engagement, retention, values and diversity of thought (innovation). She can help you lead a best place to work, and consults on topics including:

  • Employee Engagement and Retention – 5 New “Must-Do’s”
  • Fostering New Ways to Work – Saving Money, Keeping Talent
  • Eliminating Gender Bias – Tackling the #1 Emerging Risk Management Issue Today
  • Values and Branding – How to get ROI from your Core Values Effort

Contact me at phyllis@thrivingworklife.com for more information.